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Error – The Book of Mormon’s foggy origins

The Book of Mormon's foggy originsGod is doing His part in calling Joseph to a dramatic role so far beyond himself. Joseph does his part by setting the stage: by making the plates and burying them. The angel's impatience and fury is his cue to finally act. A few days later, Joseph and …

Trump, Jobs, Zuckerberg: We idolize jerks

One can take one's cues from successful leaders ranging from Bismarck and Golda Meir to Nelson Mandela and the apostle Paul, not to mention Generals Lee, Grant, Custer, and Attila the Hun. With that choice before them, the managers who make for the …and more »

Olympic roundup: Bolt told to get in line

… 2012 Opening Shot Occupy · Alex Pareene · Andrew Leonard · David Sirota · Glenn Greenwald · Irin Carmon · Joan Walsh · Steve Kornacki · Natasha Lennard · Alex Seitz-Wald … Even Bolt had to cue. About to run in the 100 meters? Doesn't matter …and more »