, , , beds are liberating

A husband is much more likely to pick up on his wife's cues that she's had a bad night of sleep than his own.” Men tend to sleep better next to their partners than when they go to bed alone, but that may be because they get to enjoy the emotional …

Trump, Jobs, Zuckerberg: We idolize jerks

One can take one's cues from successful leaders ranging from Bismarck and Golda Meir to Nelson Mandela and the apostle Paul, not to mention Generals Lee, Grant, Custer, and Attila the Hun. With that choice before them, the managers who make for the …and more »

Romney in Olympic spotlight

Horse and rider work very much as a team, with the rider giving the horse invisible cues through subtle leg, hand and seat shifts. The horse is judged from 0-10 on executing a standard test of 33 movements: —PASSAGE: a prancing, high-striding step …and more »