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Akin’s comments reignite war on women

Akin's comments reignite war on womenAkin's comments reignite war on women. Obama campaign national press secretary Ben Labolt, Romney advisor Barbara Comstock and Salon's Irin Carmon talk with Chris Jansing about comments made by Rep. Todd Akin about pregnancy from “legitimate …Dispatches From The War On Women: Conservatives Debate Legitimate (blog)all 3 news articles »

Rape Exceptions Don’t Work

Rape Exceptions Don't WorkIrin Carmon has an excellent piece at Salon decrying, in light of the Akin controversy, the entire discourse around "rape exceptions." It is frustrating the way that many liberal pundits accept the notion that there's something more moderate about …Please don't go, ToddSalonRep. Akin and Fun with Fake FactsThe American ProspectOn Akin's 'Legitimate Rape' Blow-UpForward (blog)all 5,718 news articles »