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On the sidelines, the arts advocacy group Creative Coalition will present the band Journey in Tampa — cue the perfect campaign song, “Don't Stop Believin'” — and the B-52s in Charlotte (cue “Love Shack”?) Given the state of the economy, “I was …

Chinese Siming outshoots compatriot Xiao to advance to WPA 10

SIMING CHEN beat compatriot Xiao Fang Fu, 9-6, in an all-Chinese semi-finals yesterday to reach the championship round of the Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship in Robinson's Galleria.

Readers are the real reason British papers won't publish the naked Prince Harry photos

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? Now, thanks to the miracle of modern connectivity, we can have a peep at Prince Harry’s dangly bits from the comfort of our own laptops, should we so desire.