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The Fluttering Duck has been uncharacteristically slow this semester. Greg Masten stands behind the Duck’s black tiled bar Tuesday night wiping his hands free of spilt liquor after pouring a round of birthday shots.

Sweet & Sassy Charlotte

… African American community, although all are welcome. Want to catch the latest sports event? Head to Sidelines Sports Bar & Billards where you also have your hand at darts, foosball, or one of the local rugby players. For something more on the wild …

Witnesses: Buford Highway Bar Shooter Was Defending Woman

The shooting occurred just before midnight at the El Trebol Billards bar at 5280 Buford Highway. Here are several additional stories about the shooting: Police kill gunman who shot 4 bar patrons in DeKalb · Officer kills gunman who wounded 4 patrons at …and more »